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Duncan’s Landscaping & Unique Water Feature

Having a well-landscaped yard changes the entire look and feel of your property. A professionally and properly designed landscape will add value to your home, increase your curb appeal, provide you with a comfortable, relaxing outdoor environment, and increase the energy efficiency of your home. Landscaping encompasses a variety of outdoor elements, including trees and shrubs, flower beds, driveways, walkways, fences, water features, and other attractive pieces that help make your outdoor living space more appealing. From retaining walls and stone walkways to customized lighting, our team at Duncan’s Landscaping & Maintenance will help you discover the ambiance you wish to achieve and design a unique plan for your style and taste.

Flower and Plant Installation

Seasonal flowers can give your landscape a vibrant pop of color. Here in Georgia, with our warmer temperatures, the landscaping outside your home can have an appealing look year-round. But, planting flowers and shrubbery can be time-consuming. There is much more involved than picking out pretty flowers. It’s about knowing our region’s climate, the type of flowers that are in-season, and soil preparation. Allow the experts at Duncan’s Landscaping to handle your seasonal flowers and plant installations. We have decades of experience in delivering nothing but outstanding satisfaction to our customers. Contact Duncan’s Landscaping Today!

Sod, Topsoil, Pine Straw, and Mulch

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil. It is used to retain the soil’s moisture, suppress weeds, cool the soil, prevent frost in the winter, and make garden beds look more aesthetically appealing. Our team at Duncan’s Landscaping are experts in determining what types of mulch to use. Sit back and relax and watch your landscape transform into a beautiful backyard. We have the manpower and expertise to complete all your tasks. Contact Duncan’s Landscaping today and ask for an estimate on our sod, topsoil, pine straw, and mulch services.

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Stone and Paver Patios, and Walkways

Stone and paver patios are an excellent way to accentuate your Georgia landscape. Whether you are looking for a stoned, crushed slated, or paver path to link your gardens together or want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entryway, Duncan’s Landscaping has the solution. Duncan’s Landscaping provides the best service to customers in and around the south metro Atlanta area for over 50 years

Retaining Walls

In addition to being functional by holding soil at bay, a retaining wall can also be an attractive feature to add to your landscape. This elegant yet practical enhancement is also good for adding additional seating to your patio. Duncan’s Landscaping offers a multitude of shapes, styles, and patterns.

Fire Pits

Toast marshmallows and reminisce about your family’s last camping trip with your backyard fire pit. Having a professionally installed fire pit will not only instantly enhance your property’s appeal but it can make for wonderful entertainment in your outdoor living space. A properly constructed fire pit can have multiple purposes. You can use it to rid your property of fallen debris, dispose of private personal information, and ultimately create an oasis for entertainment purposes.

Our landscaping team can introduce you to a variety of sizes and designs to fit your needs. Our fire pits can be surrounded by large sitting boulders to enhance the naturalistic environment of your property. Once you have chosen the right fire pit to fit your personality, our knowledgeable crew will go to work installing. Start having fun in your own backyard today and contact Duncan’s Landscaping & Maintenance team..

Dry Creek Beds

Turn an eyesore into an asset and a beautiful part of your landscape with a dry creek bed. A dry creek bed is a beautifully carved trench design decorated with stones and edged around the outside with plants. To address erosion and water runoff, we can solve unsightly drainage areas by rerouting the water flow to create a more aesthetically pleasing and functional landscape.

A well-planned dry creek bed can also create a refuge for wildlife and prevent bank erosion. Contact Duncan’s Landscaping and we can show you how a dry creek bed could enhance your property.

Landscape Lighting

Continue to enhance your outdoor living space with our outdoor lighting services. Beautifully designed and installed outdoor lighting can change the entire perspective of your landscape. Landscape lighting can be strategically placed to cast shadows, light up different aspects of your lawn, or purposely placed around walkways, stairs, ledges, and hazardous areas to improve your family’s safety. Not only will illuminating your yard at night add a modern vibe to your lawn, but it can help keep criminals at bay. Duncan’s Landscaping is ready to enhance your property with outside lighting.

What Our Customers Have To Say!

We love hearing from our customers. Have you had a good experience with Duncan’s Green Team? Are you happy with the service that we provided? Feel free to let us know and share with others!

Marcy Dunn
Marcy Dunn
March 6, 2024
I am so excited I got my landscaping redone by Duncan lawn care. they took out the old put in some new replaced my faulty watering system with a new system. I can’t wait to use it. I am very excited to see this all bloom out in the next few months it’s going to be very colorful.!! Rhian spent several hours with me to help me decide how to reshape my landscaping. He took time explaining how, and why certain plants might not work, and others could. Extremely outstanding customer service!! Rhian and his team worked tirelessly, taking care as they removed the old plants and the old watering system, and there was no damage to my lawn in the entire process. I am extremely pleased with Rhian and his team and I highly recommend them to anyone considering lawn service or landscaping. Give Rhian Duncan a call!
Rachel Roye
Rachel Roye
February 1, 2024
Great company and great pricing!
October 26, 2023
April is the BEST!!!
Albert Nielsen
Albert Nielsen
October 26, 2023
They are the best people when it comes to the outside. They have done an excellent job and we are pleased with all the results. Can't wait to see everything in bloom in the spring. It looks great even now. I now it will be beautiful all year round. Lasting year after year. Beauty forever!!!!!!! Go Duncan Team!
September 6, 2023
Great company, one of the few that CUSTOMER SERVICE actually is paramount to them. Johnny and Jeff are great to work with, they make sure everything is done correctly ; they also very respectful to their clients and their property. 5 star plus company.
deborah white
deborah white
April 19, 2023
Duncan’s makes my lawn beautiful! Always on time, articulate, and very professional! Love them!
Cruise PlannersNH
Cruise PlannersNH
April 14, 2023
I have been using Duncan's for several years. Their technicians are always ontime and friendly. My lawn hasn't had weeds in years and I get questions all the time from neighbors wanting to know how I keep my lawn looking so good. Thank you Duncan's
paula washington
paula washington
April 11, 2023
We always have to put something else down to get our grass green. If it's being treated it should be green.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With a Beautifully Designed Water Feature

Water features put a finishing touch on a beautiful landscape. They host a variety of benefits for your yard, including serving as your landscape’s centerpiece. An eye-catching water feature will add sound, movement, and beauty to your outdoor area. Most water features can fit in small compact yards, are low maintenance, and play a crucial part in the ecosystem as they attract a host of wildlife.

Duncan’s Landscaping customizes, designs, and installs a broad range of water features, including ponds, fountains, fountainscapes, and pondless waterfalls. We also handle the maintenance and clean-out of your ponds. If you are a resident, business, or commercial property owner in the south metro Atlanta area looking to enhance your outdoor living space, give Duncan’s Landscaping a call.

Ponds and Waterfalls

Imagine sitting out back watching the sun go down to the tranquility of a relaxed and comforting outdoor space. Adding a few water features can completely revive the entire look of your landscape. When you choose to add a pond or small waterfall with a natural look and feel to it, it can create a calming oasis outside your home. Duncan’s Landscaping offers a variety of ideas and elements of all shapes and sizes. Contact the team now to find out how we can turn your backyard into a place of peace and tranquility and relieve stress from long workdays.


Add the peaceful sound of water to your landscape or patio without the added maintenance and responsibility of a traditional waterfall or pond. Fountainscapes are perfect for our customers who want to add a water feature to their property without the headaches of routine maintenance.

Fountainscapes are decorative water features that incorporate a container water garden, a bubbling urn, or a sphere using an in-ground reservoir. Peaceful and relaxing, your outdoor space will invoke all the ambiance of an outdoor aquatic oasis without the cost and upkeep of a pond or stream. They are child-friendly, energy-efficient, and perfect as a starter water feature. Contact Duncan’s Landscaping today and learn how this low-maintenance item can transform the scenery in your backyard.

Pondless Waterfalls

Looking for a low-maintenance way to enhance your outdoor lifestyle? Why not try a pondless waterfall? A pondless waterfall is simply a waterfall and stream without the presence of a pond. Waterfalls are undoubtedly the most beautiful and favored feature in a landscape. They add tranquility, comfort, and the added sense of being on vacation in your backyard. But if space is an issue or you have concerns about the safety of a traditional pond, a pondless waterfall may be for you.

Water is pumped to the waterfall or rock fountain and disappears into a pondless basin containing the vault and pump. These water features can also have a stream incorporated into the design for added interest. Because there is no pool of water, a pondless waterfall is a great option for customers concerned about safety issues or lack of space. There are several other benefits to installing pondless waterfalls. They include:

Because there is less labor involved, operating costs are less. There is usually less cost due to the need for fewer rocks and materials, and because you are not dealing with an established ecosystem, it is not necessary to run the pump 24-hours a day.

If you change your mind in the future, it is easy to add a pond to a pondless waterfall.

The small size of the Pondless Waterfall means you can build and enjoy a beautiful waterfall anywhere in your yard.

Taking care of your Pondless Waterfall is easy. You will simply need to fill the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss due to evaporation.
Pondless Waterfalls give you the benefits of a beautiful, flowing waterfall without the pond at the bottom. This option is low-maintenance without giving up the sights and sounds of water. Give into serenity and start living the pond lifestyle today!

Pond Clean Out and Maintenance

All man-made ponds need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent silt from building up. We recommend having your pond cleaned out once annually, followed by proper maintenance year-round. This can seem overwhelming and time-consuming. Fortunately, Duncan’s Landscaping offers professional pond clean-outs and maintenance. The best time to perform a pond clean-out is in late winter. This is before your water garden completely awakens from its winter dormancy and ideally before the water temperature in the pond rises above 55 degrees.

Duncan’s pond clean-out includes the following tasks in this order:

  • We drain the pond down to six-inches
  • Remove fish and place in large containers with original pond water
  • Drain remainder of the pond
  • Power wash pond and any stream/waterfall
  • Remove debris and clean all filter pads, bio balls, biofall unit, skimmer, and pump as needed
  • Clean up existing water plants and remove excessive dead organic matter as needed for the overall health of the ecosystem
  • Add dechlorinator if needed
  • At this time, we fill the pond with enough water to reintroduce any fish to the pond. Customer is responsible for filling up the remainder of the pond.*
  • Any water lighting products/koi fish/or aquatic plants should be requested by the client at this time***

* Please note, while every precaution will be taken to ensure the well-being of your fish, we are unable to guarantee their livelihood.
**Please let us know in advance of any water treatment products you would like used.

Duncan’s Landscaping & Maintenance wants to do everything we can to help maintain the efficiency of your aquatic beauty. This means keeping it fresh, clean, and free of algae and debris. Contact us today to schedule your pond cleaning, schedule monthly maintenance, or find out how we can create the backyard of your dreams.